We’re offering government subsidised Reformer Pilates classes for Aussies aged 65 and older.

Healthy Aspects is excited to be able to assist people in our community get the exercise they need to stay healthy, able and independent.Exercise Right for Active Ageing is an initiative of Exercise & Sports Science Australia funded through a Sport Australia – Better Ageing Grant. The program will allow people over 65 years of age to access 12 x 1-hour subsidised exercise sessions.

In the Exercise Right for Active Ageing exercise sessions you will participate in group-based activities at a low to moderate intensity. The sessions will include large muscle-group aerobic activities and may include resistance exercises using dumbbells, body weight and/or resistance bands, such as arm raises and seated rows.

What’s Included

Initial assessment followed by 12 subsidised group Reformer Pilates classes.Classes are delivered by university qualified accredited exercise physiologists who are trained and experienced in providing safe and effective exercise interventions.


• Individual assessment: $18.50

• Group classes: $8.00 per class

Getting Involved

Please contact our Accredited Exercise Physiologist Matthew Hunt on 9468 0045 for your Individual Pre-Screening Assessment.

Let’s get moving today!