The Healthy Aspects Philosophy

We combine the 3 main aspects of health to help you to achieve your health goals

What Our Clients Say

At 80 years of age I had shoulder surgery, shortly after this event I had surgery to fit a pace maker to stabilise a cardiac condition.

Due to my age the trauma I experienced my recovery was slow.

Since being treated by Matthew my confidence, strengh and range of movement have all improved.

Am now 84 and in Good Health again

- Bob, 84

19 Years ago I had bilateral hip replacements, my Orthopedic Specialist advised me to Exercise with a Exercise Physiologist for the rest of my LifeĀ  to keep fit and strengthen my legs to support my replaced hips.

Matthew is helping with me to keep motivated and fit.
I am 80 years old pain free and fit.

Thanks to Matthews professional Care

- Jill, 80

Will come back for more.

- John, 73