Health is not just about physical fitness. It’s also about your mental health and the support you have around you.

These three aspects of physical, mental and support go hand in hand, which is why they need to be combined to create a holistic way of improving your overall health.

We offer a combination of exercise training, education and support to provide you with a customised approach to achieving your health goals.

At Healthy Aspects, we create safe and effective exercise programs for people living with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Our team are all accredited and qualified health professionals that want to help you achieve your health goals. 

Movement and support are vital to long-term health. By ensuring you have the tools to do both, Healthy Aspects improves your overall wellbeing.

The Healthy Aspects Philosophy

We combine the 3 main aspects of health to help you to achieve your health goals

What Our Clients Say

At 80 years of age I had shoulder surgery, shortly after this event I had surgery to fit a pace maker to stabilise a cardiac condition. Due to my age the trauma I experienced my recovery was slow.

Since being treated by Matthew my confidence, strengh and range of movement have all improved.

Am now 84 and in Good Health again.

- Bob, 84

19 Years ago I had bilateral hip replacements, my Orthopedic Specialist advised me to Exercise with a Exercise Physiologist for the rest of my Life  to keep fit and strengthen my legs to support my replaced hips.

Matthew is helping with me to keep motivated and fit.
I am 80 years old pain free and fit.

Thanks to Matthews professional Care

- Jill, 80

My son has been diagnosed with autism for a few years now. Due to his cognitive skill level, he will not be able to work out on his own or understand the importance of exercise.

Healthy Aspects has been so helpful in providing a safe and controlled environment where my son can work out safely and enjoyably. 

-Emma, 42